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MEDUZIAK [early access]

A blue jellyfish embarks on an epic journey to pick up his kid from kindergarten to come home for dinner. The journey, however, proves to be full of surprises and unexpected obstacles. The bus to the city breaks down in the middle of the "desert" (we are still under water mind you) and only you can figure out the way to make it operational again... just to discover that you don't have the money for the subway ticket... Maybe working part time in a restaurant will help? Maybe, but this is just the beginning. What other adventures await you in this underwater world of fun riddles and abstract humour? Nobody really knows... well, maybe except the Old Ones.

Meduziak is a laid back point and click adventure game inspired by the classics of the genre, especially the Goblins series. The game is mainly focused on solving puzzles to overcome obstacles and weird problems of this deep sea realm. The game features: "no dead end" puzzle design, fun minigames, unusual inventory system, hand drawn animation, original music and sound. All of the sound samples are "mouth made" (we do not use any objects to record them). Since the creatures of the sea do not speak any human language, all of the dialogue is symbolic.

If you would like to immerse yourself in this epic journey, feel free to:

If you wish to contact us, feel free to do so here: contact@fieldfarestudios.com
Looking for our press kit? Here you go: PRESS KIT.

Meduziak Early Access information:

If you wish to support us in the game production process, you can buy the early access version of Meduziak. Buying the game in early access grants you:

  1. Immediate access to the game in its current state (one playable episode more than in the demo version).
  2. Free access to all the following updates, up to the games completion.

So... what is the advantage of buying the game in early access? Basically, you are buying the full game at its current price. The price of the game will go up every time new content (a new episode) is added.

Meduziak is currently about 50% completed. The production of the game will continue by adding further episodes of the adventure. We are planning two or three more episodes. With our current production abilities, each of these episodes will take about 6-8 months to make (we are a small production studio). However, the production cycle may shorten, if we secure enough funding (through early access sales or any other means) to hire additional team members.

Upon purchase, you will instantly obtain a digital copy of the game. You will also be provided (via email) your personal download link allowing you to download a copy of the game anytime you wish in the future. This is to ensure your instant access to the game each time it is updated.

Thank you very much for your support!

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